Crafts in the Belasitsa region

In the past crafts were the main source of income for the population in the towns and in some of the larger villages in the Belasitsa region.


A crafts lady making traditional costumes

Elena Slavova, Kyustendil

She has been working in the fashion area since she was 15. She makes traditional Bulgarian souvenirs, mummer masks for children and adults, costumes for masquerade dances, traditional costumes, medieval attire.


Female traditional costume in Kyustendil District

The female traditional costume in Kyustendil belongs to russet type of clothing typical for the whole of Southern Bulgaria. Cut following the model of the Kyustendil “saya” it is very close to the “zabuna” from Bansko, the saya from Devin and Demirkhisar. It was added to the local set of clothing back in 7th -19th century. In some areas it was known as "sagya", as it is called, when used in the Morihovska traditional costume in Macedonia.


Traditional costumes from Podgorie (Belasitsa region)

The Podgorie area covers the southern parts of the Petrich and Strumitsa valleys between the towns of Petrich to the east and Strumitsa to the west. To the north it reaches the Strumeshnitsa river.