Lesnovo Monastery

FYR Macedonia, East region
GPS: 42.013766, 22.228299

On the south-western slopes of Mount Osogovo, at an altitude of about 870 meters, about fifteen kilometres from Probishtip, the village of Lesnovo is spreading over the old volcanic area, ... Read more

... famous for its monastery dedicated to St. Gavril Lesnovski and the church dedicated to St. Archangel Michail, known as Lesnovo monastery complex.

Lesnovo is considered as a great spiritual sanctuary, where from Slavic literacy spreads and where is placed one of the oldest schools in Macedonia, founded in XI century. School (called Lesnovo Scriptorium) of XI century and calligraphic (re-writing) school of XIII century existed there. Great Lesnovo Larva (Sinai) was created in the period between X and XIV century in Lesnovo, known as the greatest monastic republic on the Balkans with more than 200 monks in the monastery and around a hundred other from different chapels, caves for hermits, but also skits (small prayer cells in the rocks)