Archaeological Site, Bargala

FYR Macedonia, East region
GPS: 41.810732, 22.291832

One of the most remarkable early Christian Episcopal centers in the Republic of Macedonia, the town of Bargala, is located in the area of Goren Kozjak, ... Read more

Church of St. Georgi, Bargala

FYR Macedonia, East region
GPS: 41° 47′ 50″ N, 22° 17′ 26″ E
41.797222, 22.290556

The fortified town has an irregular rectangular shape (250 m. length and 150-180 m. width) covering an area of 4.68 hectares within the frames of the city walls. Read more

Slave the Macedonian

FYR Macedonia, East region
GPS: 41.840982, 22.237183

In the village Krupiste, Karbinci, a settlement from a very early stage of the Neolithic and wellpreserved skeleton of a person buried in that period are discovered. Read more