FYR Macedonia, East region

Monastery St.Mary, Delchevo

FYR Macedonia, East region
GPS: 41.126236, 21.428505

At three miles above the village Pobozhje, Delchevo, the monastery of St Mary Balaklija is located, dating from around the 15th century.
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The back part of the church, where the altar is built, is around the 15th century, because the internal architecture is typical of the time under Turkish rule, and while the front is from the 17th century.

Local stories say that the locals planned to build the monastery down in the village. Traditionally, they left an icon on the place where the monastrey will be built. The next day the icon was gone, and when they searched, the icon was the site where the present monastery is. It happened twice, so they built the monastery on this site.