FYR Macedonia, East region

Morodvis, Kochani

FYR Macedonia, East region
GPS: 41.848489, 22.418042

Morodvis is the name of one of the most beautiful villages in Eastern Macedonia. Read more

According to old manuscripts can be determined that the ancient city Morodvis is formed quite early and became the seat of the Bishopric. At the time of the Bulgarian rulers Simeon and Peter, here was the seat of Bregalnica Archbishop, who also was called and “Morozdviski”.

Morozdvizd is mentioned in 1018, in the time of the final collapse of Samuil's empire. When the Byzantine armies had penetrated in the area of the Upper Struma and had taken Pernik and 35 other fortresses, the towns and the rulers peacefully surrendered to the emperor Vasil II in order to preserve their privileges.