FYR Macedonia, East region

Archaeological Site, Bargala

FYR Macedonia, East region
GPS: 41.810732, 22.291832

One of the most remarkable early Christian Episcopal centers in the Republic of Macedonia, the town of Bargala, is located in the area of Goren Kozjak, ... Read more

... at about 2.3 km south of the village of Dolen Kozjak and 12 km from the city of Shtip. The first large scale researches at this site were performed between 1966 and 1975 resulting in the discovery of the biggest section of the Episcopal complex of the town: the Episcopal Basilica, the Small Church, the Cistern and a few residential areas.

The fortified town has an irregular rectangular shape (250 m. length and 150-180 m. width) covering an area of 4.68 hectares within the frames of the city walls. The fortress was strengthened with numerous towers and a monumental entrance – Principalis from the northwest.

The town limits were determined as a result of the following studies: in the historic sources the town is mentioned in the notes of the Ecumenical council in Chalcedon of 451 and in the Sinegdemus of Hieroclus of 527. The precise location of the city of Bargala was possible after the discovery of a slab with Latin inscription dated in 371/2 describing the building of the city gate.